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USBDC1-C black shell for ebay

The USBDC1-C is a USB to TTL UART converter is one of the simplest and most reliable cables on the market. Utilizing a Prolific PL2303HX USB to TTL IC, the cable creates a direct connection from the UART of a microcontroller to a PC through a USB port with no additional components. This cable can be used on any microcontroller based system with an available UART such as Atmel AVR, MSP 430, Arduino, etc. The USB connector has a clean, professional look giving your project an edge over bare board models and protecting the circuitry and your computer from accidental shorts. The shell can be easy popped apart and there is access to 5V, Gnd, Tx, Rx, CTS, DTR pins inside.

  • Four wires with independent .1″ spacing ( 2.54mm) headers
  • All the circuitry is built into the USB A style connector 2”x 3/4”x ¼”.  Cable Length 34″
  •  4- wires: 5V, TX, RX, GND

Red = 5V
Blk = Gnd
Whi = RX
Grn = TX


View the driver page on Prolific’s website or use the links below:

(Compatible with older version of the cable)
Windows Vista 7 Driver
Windows XP Driver

System Requirements:

Available hard disk space: 150 MB (file size approx 25 MB)
Operating system:
Windows 2000 (service pack 4)
Windows XP 32-bit only (Professional or Home Edition) (service pack 1 or service pack 2)
Windows Vista x32 and x64 editions
Windows 7 x32 and x64 editions
Windows 8

Error Code 10:

If you are having problems installing the drivers and you get an Error code 10 or if your USB cable suddenly stops working, the problem is Windows is automatically updating the driver with a version that is incompatible with the USB cable. Follow the below guide to disable Windows from searching for new drivers every time a device is plugged in.

1.     Go to Start, type change device installation settings in the Start Search box and then press ENTER.
2.     In the Device Installation Settings window, select No, let’s me choose what to do.
3.     Select Never install driver software from Windows Update.
4.    Click Save Changes
5. Next remove the wrong driver Windows installed and reinstall the driver provided with the unit or from the drivers listed above.

Also for error code 10  try this guide:

Prolific Serial Driver Error Code 10 Solution



PL2303 EEPROM Writer:


Use this tool to reprogram the EEPROM of the PL2303 which is the chipset inside the USB Data cable.


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