R300A Reflow Oven

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The R300A is a brand new PC controlled desktop reflow oven. It’s low cost and high usability make it perfect for hobbyist or low volume production use.


  • Microprocessor controlled ROC408 Reflow Oven Controller
  • 10 power level Triac controlled Top and bottom 750W heaters
  • 10 speed Triac controlled Convection fan
  • 10 speed Triac controlled  4″ ducted exhaust fan with anti draft flap
  • Isotropic IR Susceptor shielding of heater elements ( Iso-shields)
  • 6″ insulated Type-J Thermocouple probe
  • Case temperature monitoring
  • Controller and heatsink temperature monitoring
  • Fully computer controller with a USB interface
  • Front side power switch and status LED’s
  • Outside Dimensions: 10.50″ x 16.50″ x 9.25″
  • Large working capacity 11″ X 8″
  • Works with standard and Lead Free solders

Back view of exhaust fan and ROC408 controller unit.

Fixed 6″ insulated Type J thermocouple probe

Each heater element is covered with a removable “Iso-shield” which provides more even heating throughout the oven’s interior without the need for separate trays.

The 4″ ducted exhaust port allows for easy adaption to standard dryer venting systems to safely vent heat and fumes outside with the high capacity 56CFM fan. Heat loss and drafting is prevented with a stainless steel flap valve.

The ROC408 Reflow Oven Controller with a USB interface.

The ROC408 circuit board.

Large capacity up to 11″ X 8″ ( 9″ X 7″ shown)

Packing list:

Inside the box you should find the following items:

  • R300A 1500W Oven
  • (4) clip on heater element Iso-shields  ( pre-installed)
  • USB cable
  • Slide rack

Warranty / Money back guarantee:

The R300A has a 1 year warranty against manufacture defects and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Reflow Oven Console:

Reflow Oven Console allows the user to utilize the power and features of the ROC408 and the available features and power of a Windows PC:

  • Manual Oven Control with trackbars to adjust power levels
  • Profile Editor uses a flow chart style interface for easy setup
  • Data logging and graphing with export to .csv for Excel
  • Real time graphing of Temp VS Time with adjustable sample rate
  • Profile Editor comes with 18 reference profiles for the most common solder types
  • Profile Editor settings for solder mask color
  • Oven Serial number and firmware versions are clearly displayed
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit Units
  • Individual Hour Meters for each component and program
  • Hold Temperature Feature to hold oven at set temperature

Profile Editor ( click to enlarge)

Data Logger ( click to enlarge)

Settings ( click to enlarge)

Lead-free demo video

Includes standard ground shipping within US. Please contact for international prices.


R300A Firmware Update Package – February 2016

Dotnet framework 4.0 Client Profile
[wpdm_file id=9]

Full USB Driver Package
[wpdm_file id=10]

Reflow Oven Console Version 4.10
[wpdm_file id=8]

Reflow Oven Console Version 4.11
[wpdm_file id=7]

Reflow Oven Console Version 4.12
[wpdm_file id=6]

( Same as 4.11 but has a baud setting for firmware 3.11)

Reflow Oven Console Version 4.15

UPDATED Build 8-23-13
Version 4.15 Notes:

  • Tested with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP
  • Add support for firmware version 3.11
  • Software automatically searches and connects to oven
  • Fix process continuing to run after closing application
  • Fixed Feedback tab reporting
  • Fixes disconnection issue ( firmware version 3.11 +)
  • 4.15.2 Fixes bug with update interval not saving

[wpdm_file id=5]

[wpdm_file id=11]


UPDATED Build 7-19-14

7-19-14 Fix bug with connection to oven
Version 4.15.3 Notes:

Added features to Advanced Settings to allow user configuration of the following:

  • Oven Temp Low Threshold
  • Oven Temp Medium Threshold
  • Oven Temp High Threshold
  • Oven Temp Critical Threshold
  • Case Temp Low Threshold
  • Case Temp Medium Threshold
  • Case Temp High Threshold
  • Case Temp Critical Threshold
  • Board Temp Low Threshold
  • Board Temp Medium Threshold
  • Board Temp High Threshold
  • Board Temp Critical Threshold
  • Minimum Oven Temp
  • Maximum Profile time ( now 10min to 24 hours)

[wpdm_file id=19]

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