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    With the help of another R300A owner we now have an updated firmware that will allow the R300A models to be compatible with all future Reflow Oven Console Version 5.50.3 and later. This requires a firmware update and unfortunately the R300A model does not have the ability to update firmware without the use of an external In System Programmer (ISP). We will offer you to two options for update:

    1) Update the firmware yourself using the provided guide. You will need to purchase an ISP, the guide is written for the AVR MKII ISP which runs  about $30-$40 online. There are cheaper options for around $10 however we have not tested these and won’t support any problems with getting these to work. You will also need to disassemble  your oven to gain access to the programming port on the controller. The guide will provide step by step instructions with an estimated completion time of about 2-3 hours.
    2) Ship the oven to us and we will perform the upgrades. We will charge a flat fee of $100, this includes return shipping ( to continental USA only),  we will also perform maintenance and install a few upgrades that exist on the current R340A ovens.
    Ship the oven to:
    Bearbones Solutions
     R300A Upgrade
    PO Box 28
    Louisville, NE 68037
    The oven will be processed and return with 7 business days.
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the prefered solution